Daryl's story

Daryl Snider is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Lancaster, PA. His songs are tuneful and authentic, and his lyrics are meaningful. Listeners have described Daryl's voice as warm and easy to listen to, and his music as sorrowful and joyful, soul-searching and uplifting, homegrown and international, poetic and melodic.

After several careers and a consistent urge toward music, Daryl broke through his songwriting block with One Bad Song.  Soon, songwriting became the best way Daryl knows to understand and share life. His first CD, Homemade Toy, was released in 2011. While studying at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at EMU, Daryl explored the ways music brings healing, connects people across social groups and plays a role in uplifting societal change.

Daryl enjoyed a broad musical background:  Mennonite four-part singing, various vocal ensembles, oboe in orchestras, and saxophone in jazz combos and funk band Rupa Dupa. He was part of cover band Done With Therapy, learning guitar so he could sing more. Living in Haiti and Brazil further expanded Daryl’s musical worldview to create a rich tapestry of sounds and feels.

Daryl performs solo and with Frances Crowhill Miller as Sopa Sol. Their project, Wozo: Songs for Resilience, is a musical journey through overwhelming shock, grief and recovery, weaving songs and stories to explore the roots of resilience. Daryl and Frances also worked with Nathan Bontrager on Free Range Hymns, honoring their hymn-singing heritage together with their various instruments and joyous creativity.

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