1. Old friend

From the recording Homemade Toy

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Old friend

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Any number of friends came to mind as this song spilled out onto the page. New friends are continually being added to my consciousness each time I sing it.


6. Old friend
(Daryl Snider, May 2006)

Old friend, I haven’t seen you for so long
but I remember you well
I doubt you are who you were then
well, maybe my memory’s not so keen

     I know we did a lot together
     back when a lifetime seemed like forever
     you’re even part of who I am now
     I wonder what we’d talk about

Old friend, we haven’t spoken for some time
you moved away, then so did I
We drifted then through sea & bog
& I only glimpsed you through the fog

Old friend, I think of you across the sea
I send a bottled thought & hope
you’re somehow happier than me
on your island, ship or floating debris

Old friend, I wonder when we’ll meet again
if my feet will be on solid ground
if I’ll still be wet behind the ears
or have much to show for all the years

But old friend, I know that you’ll embrace me
rinsing off my useless fears
we’ll stumble onto common ground
& share the treasures we have found

Then old friend, we’ll part again
say goodbye and see you, then
slip back into the tidal flow
searching for our lighthouse glow