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Every blessed time

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Like plants started indoors in winter need to be “hardened off” in spring, dreams need to be tested in the light of day before they can ever come true.


2. Every blessed time
(Daryl Snider, April 2010)

Get it out of the greenhouse, get it into the sun
so it can be seen, so it can grown strong.
A thought in a think-tank is too sheltered, you know,
‘cause soon it will have to survive out on its own.

Well Introspection is good, and it’s important for a while,
but we’ve got to know when to come out of our shell.
Like anything else, there’s a balance to find
between the world out there and the world in our mind.

     Take a ride on a fast train, take a ride on a mule.
     Hop on the bus one day, then bike or walk yourself to school.
     There’s more than one way to get there, & every one of them is fine,
     but none of them will get you there every blessed time

Sometimes this old world will throw us for a loop;
sometimes our own mind will play us for a dupe.
Each time the antidote is to look the other way,
inward or outward, between the shades of gray.

The sun brings out the colors that night turned into gray,
but we have to hold in balance even nighttime and the day.
A wise man once said, “There’s a time for everything.”
There are times we must be silent, and times we must sing!

Some folks are really careful; they think before they act.
Other folks don’t mess around; they get the job done fast.
It doesn’t matter how you work, just as long as you can see
that your way ain’t the only way – & that truth can set you free.

     There’s more than one way to get there, & every one of them is fine,
     but it takes more than one way to get there every blessed time.