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It's so beautiful

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Good friend Glen Lapp joined us for some lovely hiking in Vermont, where this song was written. Gentle Glen was killed in 2010, when a band of gunmen attacked a mobile eye care clinic in the mountains of Afghanistan, a place and a people that Glen loved.


4. It’s so beautiful
(Daryl Snider, June 2005)

Morning sun, your warming gold
Bathes my aching body & soul
Refreshed after sleeping through the night,
Like the birds I want to sing and take flight

     It’s so beautiful, The color of the sky
     The smell of the forest air
     The warbler’s sweet melody, Honeysuckle summer
     It’s so beautiful

Cobwebs streaking through the rays
Hemlock branches’ delicate sprays
Mountains’ ageless majesty
Cool, clear brooks babble their songs to the sea

On the quiet mountaintop
Fragrant evergreens bid me stop
I can hear only birds and the wind
Lichen clings to the rocks & clouds move in

Sunset oohs and soothes me
Moonlight’s pale cool hour
Sunrise fog in the valleys
Daylight’s wakening power