1. One bad song

From the recording Homemade Toy

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One bad song

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This was the first song I ever wrote. I knew my tendency to perfectionism was an obstacle. One day I declared I would finish a song that day, no matter how bad it was...


1. One bad song
(Daryl Snider, October 1997)

One bad song is all I need
To get me on my way
One bad song could set me free
Could say what I’ve got to say

     Simplicity in direction
     No need for perfection right now

One bad song, my only goal
Don’t reach too far today
One bad song could make me whole
At least in one small way

One bad song ain’t so hard
Groove and a melody
One bad song, don’t try to be a star
You know that it’s just me

One bad song, now it’s in the bag
Call it good enough
One bad song, don’t need no tag
Or any o’ that fancy stuff